Best Dog Training Collar: Complete Guide & Reviews!

Are you searching for an effective and efficient dog training collar?

Training a new dog can be a daunting task. Although some breeds are easier to train than others, we all need a little help getting our puppies to learn and listen to new commands. Thankfully, there are some great dog collars out there that can make this task somewhat easier.

best dog training collar

Why is it important to train your dog as soon as possible?

There are many reasons why your canine buddy should be trained as soon as possible. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to focus on training him all day, every day. There is still lots of time for cuddles, fun and games!

A young pup can start learning manners, commands and tricks at around 3-4 months of age, especially if you make it fun. Formal obedience can begin at around 8-12 months, maybe before, depending on how ready your dog is.

Obedience training is a very important responsibility when raising a dog. Having a well-trained dog has several advantages. Here are a few points that justify why you, and your dog, will be much happier and will both appreciate him being well-trained:


Training opens the lines of communication between you and your dog and creates a common language. It requires him to listen and ultimately understand what you need from him, and what he needs from you.

Like with any other relationship, if there is a huge communication gap between you and your best fur-buddy, your relationship will not flourish.

With proper training, communication between an owner and his dog becomes clear. When there is clear communication, the frustration decreases and the bonds strengthen between the two.


Happy dog, happy owner, right? Exactly. If your dog loves going on walks, for example, you likely will also. But, if your dog barks at everything and pulls on the leash you will not want to take your dog on walks anymore.

When spending time together is not enjoyable, no one is happy. Your dog will then most likely begin engaging in destructive behaviors at home, creating tension and frustration.

Obedience training can make the time you spend together more enjoyable and will avoid or correct these unwanted behaviors, so both you and your dog will be happier, as you bond and stress and frustration decrease.​

​Good Manners

Training your dog teaches him good manners. He will understand what behaviors are acceptable and which ones are not. Barking at and jumping on house guests, for example, are not; this is something that training can correct.

Socialization with strangers is critically important, and good-mannered dogs are seen as friendlier and more pleasant and will be welcomed, more so than other dogs, everywhere they go.

dog training


There are many well-meaning owners who are inadvertently creating stress or anxiety in their dogs, by exposing them to unfamiliar situations. Without proper training, they have no idea how to behave.

We have high expectations for our dogs, encouraging them to be friendly,even if they are uncomfortable. Training encourages your dog to remain calm and relaxed in a variety of situations.


An obedient dog has more freedom, as he will be permitted to go further and to certain places where an ill-mannered dog cannot go, or would not be welcomed. A dog with freedom to roam and discover is a happy dog! When you properly train your dog, you know he is trustworthy enough to bring almost anywhere with you. You can even let him off of his leash in safe places so he can run and play, knowing that when you call him, he will come back.​


An obedient dog is a safer dog. You have probably witnessed a dog on theloose, being chased by his owner, who is frantically calling his name. The rightkind of obedience training can avoid this unpleasant experience.

An obedient dog will listen to your commands, which may potentially keep him out of danger, such as running onto a street, or approaching a dangerous cliff.

Watch this  short video here on how to use a dog training collar to teach your dog to come when called.​

Features to consider when buying a dog training collar

Electronic training collars are not intended as a punishment, but more as a deterrent to eliminate negative or unsafe canine behavior. They can be a very effective training tool, when the right one is used, and used properly.

Dog collars are not a one-size-fits-all solution. It needs to be specific to your own personal needs and also your dog’s needs. There are many features to consider before buying just any electronic remote dog training collar:

Size of your dog

The size of your dog and the size of the training collar you buy go hand in hand. The diameter of the collar is usually adjustable to a certain extent, but the force of the stimulator should be greater for a bigger dog.​

Area used to train your dog

Electronic dog training collars are effective only within a certain area range. If you have a really small yard, this probably will not be an issue.

However, if you plan to train your dog in a large yard, or wide open space,such as a park, you will need to check the range of the collar. Outside of this range, the transmitter will not be effective, and neither will the training.

Style and design of the remote control transmitter

You need to be at ease with the design of the transmitter, when it’s in your hand and in your pocket. Look for one that is small enough to fit in your pocket, or clip onto your belt, and that is not too heavy.

Type and strength of stimulation

Dog collars can offer different types of electronic stimulation, such as electric shock, vibrations and tones. It is up to you to decide which one you are comfortable using, and to see which ones are effective on your dog.

Some collars offer more than one type of stimulation that you can change as needed or desired, and you can usually control the intensity depending on your dog’s response.

Battery types

Look for a training collar with rechargeable batteries. There are 2 types to choose from: NiCad and NiMH. NiMH batteries are a newer technology,and offers twice run-time with no additional weight. However, NiMH batteries are more environmentally friendly since they do not contain heavy metals.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Depending on the product you choose, the warranty will vary. Some offer 6 months, whereas others offer much less. The length of the warranty usually varies along with the price paid for the training collar.

Durability and resistance

If you are planning on using your dog training near water, where he may hop in for a swim, it may be a good idea to purchase one that is waterproof. For wet grass or a light rain, a water-resistant collar is fine. Most collars are made with durable nylon that can usually be cut if they are too long for your dog’s neck.

Best Dog Training Collars

Buying a dog training collar can be a confusing experience. Here are some of the top choices for electronic training collars, along with the pros and cons of each, which will help make your decision a much easier and less daunting task:

 Petrainer PET998DRB1

The Petrainer is a highly popular, professional grade electronic collar that is effective in helping to correct aggression problems, behavioral or obedience issues, and barking, and encourage proper walking, leash training and sitting. This product is very affordable, and offers great quality for the price. The Petrainer is made from durable nylon, which reduces wear. The transmitter is very easy to operate and is comfortable to hold.

Petrainer dog training collar

Overall Rating


  • Adjustable levels of stimulation, from 0-100
  • 3 types of stimulation: static, vibration and tone
  • Range of up to 330 yards
  • Water-resistant  receiver and transmitter
  • Collar strap adjusts and suits dog necks between 15-22 inches
  • 5-year replacement or refund warranty 
  • Comes with a light so you can see your dog when using the collar at night


  • Uses lithium batteries, which are not included.
  • The collar may cause skin damage to your pet’s neck if it is worn too tightly or for more than 12 hours per day
  • Must readjust and realign the collar every hour or 2 to prevent irritation

Donidin No Bark Dog Collar

If your dog’s incessant barking is driving you crazy, the Donidin No Bark Dog Collar might be a great choice. Equipped with the latest technology, it is highly effective in correcting behavioral problems while being safe for your pooch. A great feature of the No Bark Collar is the different levels of sensitivity it offers, making it suitable for dogs from 18-120 lbs. The Donidin collar beeps after your dog barks 2-3 times to warn him of an upcoming static stimulation if he continues barking. The No Bark Collar is usually effective at correcting annoying barking within a few days

Donidin best dog training collar

Overall Rating


  • 7 levels of intensity
  • Offers safe, gentle and humane obedience training
  • Free gifts include: a collapsible bowl, a sturdy training leash and an obedience ebook
  • Batteries are included
  • Lifetime guarantee; if you are not satisfied, your money is refunded


  • Uses 6V alkaline batteries that are not rechargeable
  • Need to keep replacement batteries on hand
  • Can be triggered by other dogs barking close by and even by other loud noises
  •  Should be used in a quiet location
  • Can sometimes be activated when your dog is scratching
  • The collar is not waterproof or water-resistant

PetAZ Dog Training Collar

The PetAZ is y a great option for multi-dog families. It is sold with 2 collars which can both be controlled simultaneously with the same transmitter. The PetAZ Dog Training Collar is highly affordable.  The PetAZ remote transmitter is waterproof and has a range of 330 yards, great for your backyard or the dog park.  The remote transmitter is equipped with an LED backlight and LCD display, designed for day and night visibility. The PetAZ remote transmitter offers a convenient, easy-to-read screen which displays the control levels.  The PetAZ comes with a test bulb, a charger and a USB charging cable

PetAZ Dog Training Collar

Overall Rating


  • Collars are durable and water-resistant
  • Available in 2 different colors
  • Range of up to 330 yards
  • 3 stimulation options: beep, vibration, or static
  • Fits dogs from 15-100 lbs., and is adjustable for dogs with necks from 14-21 inches
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Remote transmitter is made of a frosted matte material, is comfortable to hold, durable and rechargeable


  • Collars are not waterproof, they are only water-resistant, for wet grass or light rain
  • You need to remove the collar before swimming, in heavy rain, or during a bath
  • Collars may make annoying ticking noises which may be confusing to your dog

DogLoveIt Dog Training Collar

The DogLoveIt is the ideal dog training collar for use in large yards, open fields or for walking your pooch to the dog park. It is a wonderful tool that will help you train your dog effectively and efficiently, anywhere you both may go. It functions up to a distance of 660 yards! It offers the unique feature of tactile buttons for possible blind operation. The collar’s receiver is completely waterproof, so your pup can play and swim without you worrying about him damaging the unit.   The product offers a completely rechargeable remote transmitter and collar receiver, so you do not need to worry about replacing batteries. The remote transmitter has a backlit LCD display, perfect for training your furry friend whenever you want, during the day or at night!

DogLoveIt Dog Training Collar

Overall Rating


  • Long range, 660 yards
  • Water- and weather-resistant
  • Suited for dogs from 10-100 lbs., and is fully adjustable for dogs with necks from 14-23 inches
  • 3 modes of stimulation: static shock, a tone or beep, and vibration
  • Rechargeable remote transmitter
  • 30-day money back guarantee and a convenient 12-month replacement warranty


  • More expensive than other dog training collar models available on the market
  • The collar has to be operated manually to correct inappropriate barking; it does not offer an automatic correction function

Peteast Remote Dog Training Collar

This professional-level dog training collar promises easy, effective dog training problems such as barking, running away, walking on a leash, sitting and aggressive behaviors. The Peteast is often the choice of expert dog obedience trainers. The Peteast Remote Training Collar offers an all weather-resistant remote transmitter and completely waterproof collar, so your pup can still enjoy playing and swimming without worry of damage to the collar. This training product is highly affordable. The Peteast functions up to a range of 330 yards, great for backyard or dog park use. The Peteast features LED silicone buttons and a backlit display on the remote transmitter, making it perfect for use at night. The remote transmitter has a low power indicator light, so there will be no surprises.

Peteast Remote Dog Training Collar

Overall Rating


  • Water-resistant collar and weather-resistant transmitter
  • Both the remote transmitter and the collar’s receiver recharge in 3 hours and the charge lasts as long as 10 days
  • 100 levels of customized intensity
  • 3 modes of stimulation: a tone or beep, vibration, and static
  • Range of 330 yards
  • Suitable for dogs from 10-100 lbs., with neck sizes from 7-26 inches
  • 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month replacement warranty


  • Suggested to not leave this remote training collar on your dog for more than 12-hour per day to avoid injury to his skin and the contact area
  • You must re-position the collar on dog's neck every 1 to 2 hours to avoid skin irritation
  • It is recommended not use this electronic collar for aggressive, or unhealthy dogs
  • Recommended that shock mode only be used in extreme situations; use the beep or vibrations for everyday obedience training
  • You may experience signal interference between the remote transmitter and other electronic products nearby


For your happiness, and that of your furry friend, it is vital to train him properly, as soon as possible. You will save yourselves tons of misery and frustration, and your dog will become more trusting, confident, and in tune with your commands.

There are many dog training collars on the market, but not all are quality products. As a responsible dog owner, it is up to you to choose a reliable product that meets your individual needs and that will be safe and effective for training your furry friend.

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