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Pet Disaster Preparedness: Be Ready If Danger Strikes

No one wants to think about disasters and emergencies when it comes to their pets; after all, the best part of owning a pet is their ability to help you through disasters and emergencies in your life by providing cuddly, unconditional love! However, bad things do happen, and having a pet disaster plan in place […]


Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tail?

Have you ever wondered why your furry friend runs in circles, chasing his tail?Tail-chasing can occur for many reasons. Oftentimes, there is nothing to worry about, as the tail can be seen as a source of entertainment and a sign of playfulness! Engaging in whirling may, however, indicate a more serious problem, such as a […]


Why Is My Dog Shaking?

There are many reasons why your dog may be trembling or shaking. It is important to find out why.Like humans, dogs can shake for many possible reasons. Some causes are nothing to worry about. However, your dog may be showing signs of a serious health condition that needs immediate attention. It is vital to recognize the […]


Giving Dogs Benadryl: Safety, Dosage & Side Effects

Can you give your dog Benadryl? Benadryl may be given to dogs at a dosage of 1mg to 1lb of weight. Always check the package for tablet mg and ensure you are using Benadryl or antihistamine tablets with diphenhydramine as the active ingredient. If you think your dog may suffer from occasional allergies, benadryl may help […]


Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?

Have you ever wondered if dog whiskers actually serve a purpose?Dog whiskers get wet and drip water onto the floor, leaving some pet owners with the urge to cut them off. So, why do dogs have whiskers? The purpose of dog whiskers is not for aesthetics; they are practical and are important for the well-being […]


How Long Do Dogs Sleep? Plus Tips For a Better Night Sleep

You’re probably familiar with the saying, “let a sleeping dog lie.” But how many hours per day should your dog actually be sleeping? We’re here to answer that question and give you some tips to help your dog have the best possible sleep. So, how long do dogs sleep?How Long Do Dogs Sleep?: Hours Per […]


How Long Do Dogs Stay Pregnant?

Most adults have a pretty good idea of where puppies come from. But far fewer have an understanding of the amount of time between conception and when the puppies are born. Let’s take a look at the gestation period of dogs, and other questions surrounding canine pregnancy and how long do dogs stay pregnant.What Is […]


Can Dogs Eat Blueberries? 26 Foods To Feed & Not Feed You Dog

Many pet owners find themselves ready to give their dog’s human food or table scraps to a begging pup. While it is not recommended to over feed your dog as a very small portion for a human equates to a very large portion for your dog. Whatever your views are on feeding your dog, it […]


NOT MY SHOES! Why Dogs Chew And How To Change Behavior

Puppies and dogs chew, it’s a fact. When my family got our first puppy she did a number on our house. Nothing was spared, not shoes, clothes, or my dad’s high school yearbook (which she tore to pieces, yet somehow managed to miss the one section that had a photo of my dad’s high school […]


Aggressive Dog: What Should I Do?

Having a aggressive dog can be scary to you and those around you. This can be especially stressful if you want to bring your dog into public places, or even invite people into your home. But fear not, there are ways to handle dog aggression! Why Do Dogs Get Aggressive?The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty […]

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