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The Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For Kids!

Are you considering getting a family dog, and you want a breed that is good with kids?Getting a family dog is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Dogs are family members, so it’s important to reflect upon your decision, rather than to act impulsively. If you have children, you will want to take […]


What Dog Is Right For Me? Find The Perfect Dog

For anyone looking to get a dog, the possibilities of breeds can seem endless. There are tiny dogs, huge dogs and everything in between. To narrow down options, potential dog buyers should think about what it is they are looking for in a dog, and what will best suit their lifestyle. So, what dog breed […]


How to Identify Dog Breeds

Hey, What Kind of Dog is That? It’s a loaded question many have either asked or been asked. With 189 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) alone, the answer can be slightly overwhelming, especially if your dog isn’t from a breeder. So how do we answer? Here’s some pointers on how to identify dog […]


A New Trick, Dogs Use Deception To Get What They Want

All dogs are cute, cuddlie and obedient, right? Well we may be getting duped by our furry friends in a way that we never knew. According to a new study, dogs may be able to convince us into giving them more treats. The study published in Animal Cognition, was conducted by Marianne Heberlein of the Department of Evolutionary Biology […]


Purebred or Mixed Breed: How To Decide

So you’ve made the super exciting decision to get a dog! Now you are faced with the task of deciding what kind will suit you best. There are so many options, and in narrowing down the choices one of the first that you will make is deciding if you want a purebred or mixed breed […]


New Study Finds Pet’s are a Child’s Best Friend

A new study released by the University of Cambridge says pet’s are a child’s best friend. Furthermore, children get more satisfaction from relationships with their pets than with their siblings. In addition, children are found to get along with their pets better than with their brother or sister. This is  a result of the fact […]


The Puppy Bowl: 3 Special Needs Dogs Featured

It’s February, and for sports enthusiasts, this means the Super Bowl. For dog enthusiasts, something even more exciting comes at this time of year: the Puppy Bowl. Let’s take a look at how all of the cuteness came to be.How Did The Puppy Bowl Start?Put on annually by Animal Planet, the idea for the event […]


Must See: Dog saves dog from rushing rapids

Two dogs in Argentina playing in the river with their owner. A playful black lab rushes into the water to retrieve his stick only to be swept by the current down to the rocks were his dog friend awaits. Grabbing on by his stick the yellow lab is able to pull his friend onto the rock […]