Is my dog a purebred?

Purebred breeding has progressively enhanced in complexity which can leave some in doubt as to whether their dog is truly a purebred. Unique breeding lines have grown in popularity and resulted in many different and conspicuous traits within similar breeds of dogs.

While you may have been given papers from your breeder it may not mean your dog is a purebred. To know exactly if your dog is a purebred you must consider a DNA test. This method of testing for breed analysis has gradually emerged within in the sector of dog healthcare to distinguish breed accuracy.

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An overview of breeding methods

There are over 400 hundred different dog breeds in the world of which 187 are recognized by the AKC. This leaves a lot of room for Purebred breeders to produce varying breeds of dogs. According to UC veterinary genetics laboratory there are three different methods for breeding which include; out cross breeding, inbreeding, and line breeding.

Out cross breeding involves bringing in unrelated genetics to a dogs breeding line, resulting in a new or perfected breed. Conversely, line breeding uses breeds of dogs that are related which are bred down the family line to preserve a trait. Fianlly, in breeding focuses mainly on breeding a line of closely related dogs over many generations.

So how do I know which method of dog breeding my breeder used? Well it may not be as simple as looking at the papers you got from the breeder.​

The Official Papers

Purebred dogs purchased from breeders will typically come with a set of papers but this does not guarantee that your dog is purebred. These papers are used as a means of registration that will show the dogs pedigree (i.e. dogs mother and father, grandparents, etc.)

Registration papers offer no qualifications for appearance, health, temperament and any other traits that you are looking for in a purebred. This may leave you looking for another means of identifying your dogs breed.

The role of Dog DNA Tests

Due to the rapidly advancing technology of DNA testing, if your dog's DNA is sampled and sent to a lab, DNA analysis can be obtained to unlock the secrets of your dog's breed including invaluable health and behavioral information.

According to dog breed identifier, dog breed testing  has improved dramatically ever since it was launched in 2007. These original DNA tests were analyzed against only 38 breeds but with the modern technology there and now over 100 breeds anlayzed.​

Due to outside pressure from the media, on the health of the purebred dogs, veterinarians and dog breeders are using DNA tests to ensure the health of their dogs

Some dog breeds are prone to certain diseases, for instance Doberman Pinscher's are susceptible to the bleeding disorder Von Willebrand's disease. Using DNA test can give you the best information to determine your dogs breed.

A Dogs' well-being and health can be improved when proper measures are carried out based on accurate information about a dog's breed. This greatly improves dog breeding for future generations.

Benefits of DNA Testing

There are many benefits of knowing your dogs breed. Some of these include:

  • Help your Veterinarian better manage your dog's health and wellness
  • Understand your dog breed's potential health risks and diseases
  • Have a better understanding of  the traits generally associated with your breed including behaviors and personalities
  • Help you tailor appropriate exercise needs and training for your dog
  • Gain  knowledge of your dog’s breed composition which enhances better care

Is this the only way to know for sure?

There are other methods for checking the breed of your dog but none as accurate as a DNA dog testing. These include asking your veterinarian or using the AKC standards. Whatever the outcome of your test you will know your dog will still love you all the same. So don't fret that your dog didn't come from a pristine blood line.

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