Must See: Dog saves dog from rushing rapids

Two dogs in Argentina playing in the river with their owner. A playful black lab rushes into the water to retrieve his stick only to be swept by the current down to the rocks were his dog friend awaits. Grabbing on by his stick the yellow lab is able to pull his friend onto the rock out of danger.

​While the video shows what seems to be a dramatic rescue, the dogs’ owner, Rafael Franciulli, posted in the comments after much criticism for not stepping in, that their was a shallow pool of water just down stream. He posted another video as well showing this. All is safe for these two adorable pups.

Dog owners should always keep their dogs close to them in bodies of water. For those with puppies or new dogs keep your dog on a leash. Pet owners with dog breeds that love water use a life jacket to prevent drowning in the event that your dog becomes exhausted.

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